It can be difficult to get out of bed on the Monday after the clocks go forward for the start of daylight saving.
And some claim the loss of sleep can also drag down share markets – in what is known as the daylight saving anomaly. The quirk is part of a family of “calendar effects” in financial markets. However, there is contrary…
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Six tips for crunching house price data
House price figures can be hugely influential in deciding whether to buy a house (or not).
Beware holes in the data – and cleverly interpret the numbers to gain insight into market nuances and conditions. Among all this number crunching, we recognise, however, that home buying is sometimes not a purely financial…
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Valentine’s Day – on 14 February – is a popular time to show affection for a loved one.
Are the inflated prices for dining out and buying flowers worth it? The basic economic concept of supply and demand can drive prices up when many people want red roses on the same day.
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