Proper economics studies the world as it is, rather than making claims about what doesn’t yet exist. And this year has seen our understanding of the economy progress in ways that are useful for individual investors.
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“Contactless”, FIFA World Cup winners: The eZonomic significance of four news events of 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, the eZonomics team has picked four moments that stand out from the year of news.
It’s our take on news items that are relevant – in some, small way at least – to the tips, tricks and traps people face when managing money.
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At the start of summer, we published a list if ING economists’ “must reads” for 2014.
Now, it’s the turn of the eZonomics community to share the books they recommend. The email and Twitter contributions came from Turkey, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and range from time-tested titles through to…
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