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How did Euro 2012 teach us about managing money better?
Ian asks: With the final whistle blown on Euro 2012 – as well as on the eZonomics Cup-o-nomics campaign – what are the main lessons from the tournament about managing money better?
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Nine amazing insights on football and economics
As the final game in the Euro 2012 approaches, look back at our series about football and managing money.
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Can lessons from decision-making in sport apply to other parts of life?
Lessons from decision-making in sport can apply to other parts of life, according to about three-quarters – or 76% – of respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll.
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How do we deal with winning and losing?
ING is caught up in the Euro 2012 “football fever”, with senior economist Ian Bright explaining the sport is more than just a game.
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