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“Do I want to pay more?” – and five more tips for home buying
Many people dream of upgrading to a larger home, or one in a more desirable location.
However, there appears to be merit in imagining the opposite situation, perhaps pretending they don’t own their house at all. Thinking this way might help keep personal feelings from affecting a decision of whether to buy,…
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Should I buy a house and rent out part of it?
Naren asks: I am thinking about buying a house, living on one floor with my wife (no child), and letting out another floor. Do you feel this is a good idea, especially from a tax-saving perspective?
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Is “climbing the property ladder” still possible?
And where had the biggest change in opinion year-on-year? The ING International Survey on Homes and Mortgages 2015 surveyed almost 15,000 in 15 countries to uncover the answers to these questions – and many more.
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    February 8, 2013
    Home buying tips
    You’re ready to buy your first home. You’re officially excited. But there are…
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    January 28, 2013
    Rent or buy?
    It’s the property decision we all have to make and there’s no single answer that’s…
  • The mistake of not giving up
    January 21, 2011
    The mistake of not giving up
    The mere act of owning something can make us look at it in a more favourable light.…