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Making a money choice? Your culture might be more influential than you think
Why do some people save more than others, even if they have similar incomes?
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How to bank better online – top tips for safer passwords
I’m in a café and decide to take a look at how I am managing money.
It’s a common scene now that many of us bank anywhere, anytime with a mobile phone or computer.
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Six questions to ask before making a financial decision
Popular wisdom suggests pausing for a moment before buying an item and asking yourself: “Do I really need this?"
Asking the right questions may also help when faced with bigger financial decisions. After all, human emotions, biases, and plain old mistakes can mean making the smartest decisions is difficult.
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Sleep-o-nomics: Do night owls or early risers earn more?
Are you typically up with the larks in the morning, or wide awake with the full moon?
Early risers are often assumed to be hard working, responsible types – while late-night lovers were once thought simply to be moonstruck, or perhaps even mad.
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