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Europe’s money secrets revealed (+ infographic)
Are we open with our loved ones about how much we earn and what we buy?
The ING International Survey on Savings 2015 asked almost 13,000 people in 13 countries in Europe to find out.
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Will you have a New Year resolution about financial matters for 2015
More than half of the respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll say they have a New Year resolution about financial matters for 2015, while 12.5% made a resolution but not about money. The remainder do not make New…
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Five tips to help make your New Year resolution last until December
As the New Year dawned, 77% of people in Europe making a resolution planned to have one on a financial matter, our survey shows.
But despite the good intentions in January, following through on a pledge to save more, cut spending or pay down debt is difficult.
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My top six research-backed lessons of 2014
Proper economics studies the world as it is, rather than making claims about what doesn’t yet exist. And this year has seen our understanding of the economy progress in ways that are useful for individual investors.
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