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Where do Europeans turn for financial advice?

Save + Invest

Thanks mum!

Family tops the list, with 60% of ING International Survey respondents in Europe saying they trust their mothers, fathers, siblings and other family members to help make a major financial decision.

It’s their business

Banks and other financial institutions were second most commonly cited, picked by 26%.

Lean on me

Friends were named as a trusted for help when making a financial decision by 20% of European respondents.

Specialist help

Overall, 14% say they trust specially qualified financial advisers.

Logging on

Online, such as money advice websites and social media, are the fifth most commonly-cited trusted source, with 12% saying they would trust these websites when making a major financial decision.

Family are the trusted source that Europeans turn to most often when making a financial decision, the ING International Survey on Savings shows.

Scroll through our slideshow to find out the top most popular choices - and how likely it is that European respondents will turn to banks, friends and other sources.