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eZonomics by ING is about money and your life.

We try to make economics more accessible ‒ showing how it affects our lives, now and in the future. We use ideas from behavioural economics and social psychology to explain people’s sometimes surprising relationship with money, the effect on their financial decisions and, perhaps most importantly, what to do with this information.

Our slideshows, articles, and lists provide practical information on managing money, supporting ING’s purpose of empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. Our “what is” glossary and “ask Ian” column help answer the latest questions about personal finance. 

Covering everything from the extraordinary (lottery wins) to the ordinary (everyday spending and saving, housing plans, and retirement prospects), we’ll help you navigate the thorniest of financial decisions. And throughout it all, there’s the opportunity to learn about caveman economics, haircuts in financial markets, buyer’s remorse, fiscal cliffs – and much more.

Our inspiration
ING eZonomics takes inspiration from behavioural economics, the study of how people make decisions that have economic outcomes. Importantly, the field looks at how people actually behave – instead of making predictions based on over-simple models of human economic behaviour. It uses insights from social psychology to uncover the subtle ways in which our actions and decisions are shaped.

Thought leaders in the field include Dan Ariely, Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, George Loewenstein, and many more.

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