Blogs | January 25, 2016

Saving money – the first step to financial independence

Saving money is the first step in building wealth and financial independence. However, the fifth ING International Survey Savings again shows many people in Europe do not have any savings.

For those who do, the amount they hold may not be enough to withstand a financial emergency. The good news is that many people are taking steps to get there.

Here are four of the savings highlights from the 2016 report.

Many live without the security of a financial safety net 38% in Europe do not have any savings, while half of those who do seem not to have enough.

Planning for your financial future is a better bet than hoping 36% in Europe grew their savings by making a deliberate decision to save more.

Personal finance wisdom: it is prudent to have an easy access emergency fund 55% in Europe set aside money for unexpected costs.

Struggling savers are prone to debt discomfort 25% of those in Europe with debt are uncomfortable with the amount.

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