Polls / April 14, 2015

Do currency fluctuations influence where you plan to go on holiday?

Almost half of the respondents to the eZonomics online poll say currency fluctuations do not influence where they plan to go on holiday, while 38% say they do.

Euros, dollars or kronor?
Dutch who holiday in Italy, France, Spain or other places in the eurozone have one less thing to plan before they leave – all countries share the euro as a common currency, making it simple to pay while they are away.
But Brits, Scandinavians, Americans and many others travelling outside their country need to factor exchange rates into their planning. The same holds true for people in the eurozone vacationing in places that use dollars, pounds, kronor and other currencies.

Smart tips for saving for a holiday
The eZonomics slideshow Seven smart tips for saving for a holiday explains why currencies matter.
It says it can be a good idea to factor in a buffer in case the exchange rate shifts. Of course, if you’re lucky, the currency might shift in your favour and you end up with leftovers.
But if it goes the other way, accommodation, local travel, food and other costs can become more expensive, meaning it is helpful to have some extra savings to cover in case of a shortfall.
When buying currency, shop around to get a good deal. Airports can be an expensive place to buy – as is explained in the eZonomics article What is … travel money.

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