Polls / May 7, 2013

Do you spend less when grocery shopping if you have a shopping list?

Fifty-seven percent of respondents to this eZonomics poll say they spend less when grocery shopping if they have a shopping list. Only 27% who say they don’t and the rest aren’t responsible for the shopping.

Making the list
It might sound simple but the weekly shop can be much more efficient if you carry a shopping list. Many people know it from experience and research has come up with the same findings too. An example is studies from New Zealand by academics Art Thomas and Ron Garland that found that average spend is significantly reduced by having a list – and shoppers also were quicker, spending less time in store.

Savvy spending with kids
It appears women are more likely to reap the benefits of making a shopping list than their male counterparts. A different study by the New Zealand researchers found 71% of women in their sample regularly made a shopping list, compared with 59% for men. Meanwhile singles or couples without children are less likely to use the technique, with less than half in the study jotting down their weekly shop.

Saving tips
The moral of the story is that with a list in hand, we tend to be more organised and less susceptible to impulse spending. Given that all it takes is a bit of thinking time and a pen and paper (or smart phone app), it could be worth a try.


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