Polls / August 27, 2014

Do you think there are more job opportunities now where you live, compared with this time last year?

Most respondents to this eZonomics online poll think there are more job opportunities now compared with this time last year. Only about a third disagree.

More people feeling secure
People’s expectations of employment are so important that it is measured by the European Commission (and by other organisations in other regions and countries).
The measure gives a sense of whether workers feel secure in their jobs; whether they believe the job market is buoyant; whether they think there are more job opportunities now.
The European Commission’s unemployment expectation figures for the eurozone for July 2014, the latest available, echo this poll’s result.
They show there is much more optimism now than a year ago.
Ireland was among the countries with the most upbeat outlook, while France and Greece were among the least upbeat.

My recession is different to your’s
Employment is, sadly, often badly hit in recessions and typically takes many years to recover. Many people lost jobs during the global financial crisis that started in 2007 – which has been be hard on individuals and families, who have struggled to make ends meet. Even when official figures show a recession is technically over, the recovery can take hold for different people at different times. Happily, it seems conditions are on the improve for many at the moment.


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