Polls / August 13, 2014

Have you ever gone on vacation "off peak" to save money?

The vast majority of respondents to the eZonomics online poll have gone on vacation “off peak” to save money, with only 22% saying they have not.

Paris in the autumn
We love Paris in the spring – but is it just as lovely (and a little less expensive and crowded) in the autumn?
It appears many travellers will say “yes”, given the share in our poll who have travelled off peak to save money.
Money website Investopedia gives travelling off peak as one of its top summer savings tips.
It claims that avoiding travelling during a peak season can “potentially cut costs by 10-50%” – and adds that it can be easier to get into popular landmarks and attractions as well.
It tells how the same logic can apply for different activities too. Theatre tickets in the afternoon can be cheaper than the price at night and train, flights and other travel effectively can have peak and off peak rates too.

Oops, I’ve done it again
Going over budget while travelling happens frequently – a poll released last week by ING Economics Department in the Netherlands found 57% of Dutch holidaymakers spend more than they intended while on vacation.
The eZonomics slideshow Seven smart tips for saving for a holiday talks through ways to budget and save for a trip away. It tells how determining the location and length of a holiday is a good first step, then getting a monthly savings target by adding up the costs and dividing by the number of months before departure.
It says how it can pay for travellers to a destination with a currency different to their own to have a little extra to account for fluctuations in the exchange rate.
Save a little more than budgeted to cover the exceptional expenses.
And if money is tight, two shorter or cheaper holidays might bring more joy than one expensive long one.


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