Polls / June 11, 2013

How many vacations do you take a year?

More than three-in-four of almost 800 respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll go on at least one vacation a year, with 16% enjoying four or more holidays annually.

I want to explore somewhere new
It might sound strange but if money is tight, two holidays might be better than one. It works if the two holidays are shorter or cheaper than one long, expensive vacation. The idea is that it spreads the joy across two events.
A study found get more enjoyment from looking forward to holidays than they do from remembering them. So two holidays for the price of one might bring twice the joy.
The eZonomics slideshow Seven smart tips for saving for a holiday highlights more insights.

But I work for myself
The ability to vacation several times a year might be thought of as a luxury and a sign of wealth however personal circumstances also play a big role.
For those earning high wages, the cost of taking time off will likely be higher than for those on more modest incomes. Likewise, self-employed people or contractors may view taking leave very differently to workers in jobs with statutory leave built in. An idea is to budget – both financially and in terms of cover – in advance.


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