Polls / October 1, 2014

If buying clothes, do you prefer to shop online or in-store?

In-store shopping when buying clothes is most popular among 45% of respondents to the eZonomics online poll, with 23% saying they prefer online and 32% saying “it depends”.

This season, in-store is in
Buy online and avoid the crowds? Or go in-store and make sure the fit of the jacket is “just right” before you get it home?
People shopping for clothes have many choices – with the decision of whether to shop online or in-store one of them.
Many people are choosing to login and shop online, with official figures from the Office for National Statistics showing 49% of United Kingdom adults shopped for clothes online in 2014.
However, given the large number of “it depends” responses to this eZonomics poll, the preference may vary depending on factors such as what’s being bought.

Differences online
The eZonomics article on “dos and don’ts” for online shopping tells how the dynamic of online shopping is different in many ways to more traditional, in-store shopping experience.
It says a study shows the post-purchase, emotional “high” that some shoppers get when they get a good deal in-store – the instant gratification – may not be the same when a product is ordered online and delivered some time later.
Another issue is that of fees and delivery costs being added later in a transaction – known as “drip pricing”.

The power of free shipping
The offer of free delivery seems to hold a special power over online shoppers, with 78% in an earlier eZonomics poll saying they try to avoid delivery charges when shopping online.
The poll analysis tells how the power of FREE! (as behavioural economist and author Dan Ariely insists on writing the word) is so great is can influence a wide range of decisions.


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