Polls / August 21, 2012

If you could have a year break from paying one expense, which would you choose?

Housing is the cost most respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll would have a year holiday from, if they had the chance. Food, travel and education were less popular.

Home away from home
It’s no huge surprise that housing is at the top of the wish list of costs to have a year’s break from.
A roof over your head (plus walls, electricity, water and other utilities) is a basic need but also one that costs a lot. In the ING International Survey on Savings run at the end of 2011, housing was the biggest cost cited most often by respondents in 11 of 19 countries ranging from Australia and Canada to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Czech Republic. But in other places (notably Italy and parts of Asia), food was more often cited as the biggest expense.

But where shall we live?
If a holiday from rent or mortgage payments is not on the horizon remember, having a basic budget may help. Steps on building a budget through assessing income and tracking variable and fixed costs are here.
As for the all-important question of where to live, these five tips may be of interest. Living close to family and friends can give an emotional boost but transport links and the costs of commuting can also be crucial.

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