Polls / December 10, 2013

In a household, do you think men or women make more financial decisions?

Half of the respondents to the eZonomics online poll say women make more financial decisions. The rest are split between those who say men do and those who say it’s even between the sexes.

He said, she said
The topic of who makes more decisions about money is paved with potentially difficult discussions but – thankfully – impartial research has been conducted that can be of some help.
This eZonomics poll is not alone in finding that women tend to take the lead in many matters relating to money. An ING International Survey of almost 12,000 people earlier this year found the prevailing view that women were better at managing money than men, but the majority said men and women were equally as good.
And the He said, she said article examines a study from the United Kingdom which finds “alpha” females are more common in financial decision making in households.

Divide and conquer
The article details six lessons.
In addition to the “alpha” female findings, the article says the study shows “money doesn’t equal power”, so it doesn’t follow that the higher earner in a partnership has more influence on money decisions. It tells how couples tend to become specialists in certain areas – with fewer joint decisions if one of the partners stays at home.
Finally, it tells how a study using European Union research shows there are different trends in different nations. Don’t delay The video Who’s better at money highlights some challenges men and women face, particularly in relation to planning for retirement.
It tells how an ING survey shows single women and young people appear to be less prepared for retirement.
It says: “Men and women prepare for their financial futures differently. But by delaying, women are in a more difficult position. The earlier you start to save for retirement the easier it tends to be.”


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