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Is close proximity to public transport important to your decision of where to live?

More than 90% of respondents to the eZonomics online poll say close proximity to public transport is important to their decision of where to live.

Give me a home that’s …
Property pages in magazines and newspapers often might feature stylish homes in the most fashionable of neighbourhoods – but realistic practicality actually appears to be top when it comes to choosing where to live.
This poll clearly shows close proximity to public transport is important to many people.
It echoes findings in the ING International Survey on Homes and Mortgage 2014 that found of almost 13,000 people in Europe, 73% pick close proximity to facilities (such as shops, transport and entertainment) in their top five factors that are important when choosing where to live. A mere 12% selected a fashionable location.

The costs of commuting include cash – and happiness
It makes sense that commuting – whether by public transport or other means – typically carries a cash cost.
Five tips for choosing where to live highlights that the cost of travelling to a job should be factored in if looking to move to a different role in a different location. A lower paid job closer to home might actually work out more cost effective.
The tips also warn that some economists say commuting can be bad for happiness. Researchers at the University of Zurich have estimated that the average person who spends 46 minutes a day travelling to and from work would need a pay rise of 19% to be as happy as the average person who doesn't commute. So being conscious of travel time when choosing where to live may pay – in more ways than one.

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