Polls / June 4, 2013

Which type of worker do you think has the best lifestyle?

The self employed have the best lifestyle, according to more than half of the respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll. Next best lifestyle comes from having a full-time job, according to the response, followed by part-time.

Ups and downs
More than two thousand years ago, the Chinese philosopher Confucius uttered the words “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
These days, part of a dream job is having the perfect work status to fit an individual’s wants and needs – whether that’s part-time, full-time or working for themself. Each comes with pros and cons.
Lifestyle (such as whether the worker has dependents) and economic factors (such as the types of jobs available) will play a part.
A Gallup survey released at the end of last year found that entrepreneurs were more likely than other workers to have felt stress on the day before they were polled. But there were also more likely to replay that they had learned something new or felt enjoyment.

Work and be happy
People might complain about the “daily grind” but being in work has many spin-offs, with research from Germany showing workers tend to be more satisfied with their lives than the unemployed.
A study on entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom co-authored by former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Danny Blanchflower found the self-employed have “high levels of job satisfaction and happiness” – but median earnings were lower than for the employed and work hours were long.


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