Polls / January 7, 2014

Will you make a money New Year resolution for 2014?

Respondents to the eZonomics online poll are divided as to whether they will make a New Year resolution about money for 2014.

New Year, new goals
The New Year is a time of celebration – and can also be a time to look forward to hopes and dreams for the year ahead.
Of course, some people are not fans of New Year resolutions and chose not to make them. But a separate ING International Survey special report of almost 13,000 people in Europe found that of those surveyed who planned to make a New Year resolution, 79% had a goal relating to money.
Saving more was the most common financial New Year resolution in that survey – however spending more was also mentioned, with one respondent from the Netherlands writing they wanted to “enjoy more of my savings, for example, buy a house, vacations, healthy food, going out, pampering myself”.

Three tips for helping keep resolutions
Our fun flowchart on setting smart goals shows it is important to set goals that can be achieved (with a bit of planning and effort).
It gives three tips for keeping resolutions:

  1.  Breaking the goal into small steps
  2. Asking friends and family for help
  3. Rewarding yourself when it’s done – it can be a great incentive

Picture it
An eZonomics slideshow from 2013 also gives tips on sticking to resolutions.
One of the more unusual suggestions is to have an actual picture of what you are trying to achieve to make the goal more realistic. It says research suggests those shown pictures of themselves made to look older are more inclined to save for pensions. So if you are saving to buy a new car or a holiday as your financial New Year resolution, why not keep a picture of that cool convertible or that hot beach you’re after on your mobile phone?

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