Polls / August 26, 2010

Would you buy a pink car to deter thieves?

Buying a pink car as a way to deter thieves appeals to 17% of more than 1,000 respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll, while 83% are not so keen.

Bright thieves like dull cars
As remarkable as it sounds, buying an unusual coloured car may actually make it less likely to be stolen. And non-drivers take note: the same could apply to bicycles. Research detailed in the eZonomics story A colourful way to deter thieves argues the lower resale value of pink and other uncommon coloured cars is the deterrent.

Is colour and indicator or a driver?
The research out of the University of Tilberg in the Netherlands examined car thefts by colour using Dutch police figures and compared to sales of cars by colour. The study – into what is called “economically inspired models of criminal behaviour” – found the average rate of theft of cars in common colours (like blue and silver or grey) was almost 40% higher than for cars in other less common colours.

The costly flipside of “colournomics”
While a lower resale value of a pink car may deter against theft, it has drawbacks. Namely that if you want to sell a pink car, you’ll likely get less. The eZonomics video What is your favourite colour worth? details how a poll found a red car typically has a resale that is less than for a black model.
So if you’re planning to buy your next car in pink, orange or purple, it might be safer from thieves. But to avoid losing too much money, bank on keeping it for the long haul.


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