Polls / April 27, 2015

Would you pay a professional to do your CV if you were looking for a new job?

Most respondents to the eZonomics online poll would not pay a professional to do their CV if they were looking for a new job. Only 29.5% said they would.

Is your photo on your CV?
Obviously a CV is a kind of calling card, typically for a job seeker. But its contents may have some unexpected consequences.
Many researchers use CVs and job advertisements when testing market reactions and biases.
One experiment found that including a photograph on a resume appeared to have different results for men than for women.
The 2014 study found that good-looking men enjoyed a “beauty premium”, while women without a photo on their application received more call-backs from prospective employers.
Another explored racial discrimination based on names on applications and whether applications from people who lived in better neighbourhoods were treated more favourably.
While there might not be much we can do about these factors, the choice about including a photograph or address on a CV seems to matter more than many may think.

“I’m a people person”
We might think that getting the best grades is most important to future employers. They might play an important role, but as PhD candidate Mark Egan blogs for eZonomics, they are only part of the picture.
He writes that personality traits or soft skills – think self-confidence, self-control, emotional regulation, grit, motivation and leadership – are important.
One academic survey of 3,000 US employers found that ”attitude” and ”communication skills” were ranked over ”academic achievement” when making hiring decisions.


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