Polls / September 10, 2013

Would you rather be in a romantic relationship with someone who prefers to save money or spend money?

The majority of respondents to the latest eZonomics online poll would rather be in a romantic relationship with someone who prefers to save money rather than partner with a “spender”.

Interest rates high for savers
The Beatles may have sung that money “Can’t Buy Me Love” back in the 1960s but attitudes to money actually do often play an important role in relationships.
Perhaps you’ve witnessed a couple argue about spending too much or too little on an item for the house. Or had a friend hide a splurge from their loved ones.
What’s interesting is that the result of this eZonomics poll mirrors other studies on the topic.
In fact in the research paper A Penny Saved is a Partner Earned, the authors found that online daters are more likely to describe themselves as a saver on their dating profile than they are in a private questionnaire. It suggests people are aware that savers come across as attractive partners and are willing to highlight spendthrift ways – even if it stretches the truth.

Do opposites attract?
The saying “opposites attract” may also apply to attitudes to money.
A study about “tightwads” (people who generally spend less than they would like to spend) and “spendthrifts” (who generally spend more than they would like to spend) finds that these opposite types tend to marry each other.
The dynamic might lead to some uncomfortable discussions around the dinner table.
But there is the chance that their dissimilar characters will balance each other – as well as balance the household accounts.

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