Polls / August 24, 2010

Would you rather spend €100 on

When it comes to spending €100, 73% of respondents to the latest eZonomics poll would prefer to buy a new possession (such as clothing or a gadget), while 27% prefer to go to a concert or show.

Life experiences make you cheerier than new stuff
How we spend our money can influence how happy we are – according to research, at least. A research paper called Does consumption buy happiness? uses figures from the United States to claim that good feelings from buying experiences last longer than those from buying objects. It argues that happy memories of an event or holiday tend to last longer than pleasure gained from buying an item. Moreover, experiences can be shared with others, increasing the joy. A MSNBC story details more reasons why “life experiences make you cheerier than new stuff”, including the tendency of shoppers to second guess if they made the best choice when buying an item.

Think before you buy – it could make you happier
Thinking about the purchase can make it even more special. Research reported in the New York Times says this thinking increases anticipation and happiness. It is another good reason to save over time for treats and another reason to avoid buying on impulse and going into debt. Likewise, booking a vacation in advance (rather than buying tickets at the last minute) may make a holiday even more pleasurable.


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