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Five quotes about being wise at work

When it comes to jobs and working, inspiring words can go a long way. This selection of quotes about the daily grind show this has been the case for a long time – with the Chinese philosopher Confucius uttering words of wisdom about employment and happiness thousands of years ago.

Early to rise...
Our chosen words from Benjamin Franklin might be particularly uplifting to those who aspire to get ahead through hard work, measured by a Gallup poll published last year as 90% of Austrians and Luxembourgers.

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Early to rise

These famous words from Benjamin Franklin advocate a regular routine. The quote might be updated with a 21st Century reference to flexi-time and remote working, but the sentiment still largely holds true.


On the sweet side

Alternative ways of thinking – in short, creativity – can be an attractive quality for work. These words are also on the optimistic side of life, making something sweet out of a bitter turn.


Dream job

The Chinese philosopher Confucius highly prizes jobs that suit workers’ own interests.


Revved up

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is more famous for song lyrics (such as those famed blue suede shoes) but his words on ambition can apply to the “nine-to-five” as well.


I’m worth it

The Dutch painter Van Gogh famously only sold one painting in his lifetime but this quote speaks to his belief that their value (and his time) would ultimately be acknowledged. Investing in art, however, is still considered high risk.

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