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How to plan an investment journey

Whether you chose shares, bonds, funds, other types of investments – or diversify across a variety – it might pay to bear in mind some basic tips to help navigate the journey.

Top tips for investing by ING’s Be Good at Money explains there is financial risk involved in all types of investing. The tips suggest diversifying – looking at types of assets held – and warn about the critical importance of monitoring fees and other costs. It tells how it can be a good idea to adjust your investment profile when your personal situation changes, such as becoming a homeowner, parent or when nearing retirement.



Save first

Invest with money that you don’t need in the short term. And given the risk of losing money when investing, it can be a good idea not to invest money that you can’t afford to lose.


Wise up

Only invest if you understand the risks of the products you’re investing in.


Listen to your head

Invest rationally, not emotionally.


This and that

Diversify your investments between different types of assets.


Lifecycle investing

Adjust your investment profile when your personal situation changes, for example if you have children or are nearing retirement.


Close eye

Monitor very closely all fees and costs are connected with investing. Compare the costs of different providers.

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