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Pair effects revealed in ING savings survey

How joining forces on money can also help your relationship.

A problem shared is a problem halved – or so the saying goes. Results from the ING International Survey Savings 2018 confirm that managing your money as a couple or household can be good for your emotional wellbeing.

Sixty-one percent of all 14,806 respondents in Europe, the USA and Australia indicate they are part of a couple or other romantic partnership. And, as the full report explains, more than half (53%) of Europeans in a couple say their finances are either completely or largely combined.

Close result
Seventy-two percent of Europeans who combine their finances indicate closeness in their partner relationship – compared to just 45% of those in a couple who have separate finances. But the survey results also show differences between countries – see the slideshow above, and read the full report to learn more.



Individual approach
Austria has the smallest share (36%) in the survey who say they manage their money with their partner. The UK (39%) is next.


Does it matter?
Managing money jointly has less effect on whether coupled-up Australians or Austrians say they’re happy, out of 15 countries.


Team together
The largest percentage of respondents in couples who say they combine their finances is in Romania (71%).


Not far behind
Relatively large shares agree in USA (65%), the Netherlands (64%) and Spain (63%).


Why go alone?
People in Romanian or Spanish couples with separate finances are much less likely to say they are happy than those who combine them.


Let’s talk about it
Poles are more likely (83%) to say regular money discussions are useful for finances than people in any other country surveyed. For 78%, it helps relationships.


Not many disagree
Czechs and Luxembourgers are least likely to agree with Poles on this – but the differences across Europe are small.

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