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Our 10 most popular articles from 2016

The most read pieces of the year on the eZonomics website

From finding out why we only hear about the bets our friends win to what ING economists have been reading over the summer and how pictures of kittens help you manage you money better, here are the most popular articles of 2016.



Is a university education worth it?
Our most popular article of the year was by Investors Chronicle writer Chris Dillow. About university education, it tried to find out if it still guarantees success.


Betting - when it pays off and why it is so hard to win
This coincided with the UEFA Euro 2016 championship. We think the piece was popular because many wanted to know why the house always wins.


What is the ostrich effect?
Human behaviour can be irrational sometimes and this article explained some similarities with the 200-pound bird with a two-ounce brain


What is universal basic income?
The idea that you’re given a no-strings cash payment from the government sounds like paradise. We can see why this article was so popular.


Do you hold debt and savings at the same time
The co-holding puzzle of having debt and savings at the same time was debunked in this article as a very sensible option for some.


What is a contactless payment?
Even though contactless dulls the pain of parting with our hard-earned cash for the sake of speed and convenience, it seems like it is here to stay.


Why bronze medallists are happier than silver ones
Silver medallists see themselves as the first loser while the bronze medallists see themselves as the last winner. A timely piece, after the Rio 2016 Olympics offering an important insight.


Summer reading list 2016
Tis the summer ritual, but there were some real surprises there. Some of our ING economists read up on things other than economics.


How pictures of kittens can help you manage your money
Strange as it may sound, pictures of kittens and other unusual cues can help remind us about really important things in life - such as paying off that debt.


Do numbers keep you awake? Six tips to battle your fears
Maths was not a favourite subject for many but managing personal finances is an unavoidable reality. This article gave some practical tips to manage that maths anxiety.

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