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What do novelists know about managing money?

Inspiration for saving and investing can come from some unusual places.

Take for example great writers best known for novels, plays and poems that have stood the test of time. eZonomics has tracked down some favourites to get you thinking wisely.



“Buy land”

This famous quip from Mark Twain can actually be a bit misleading. The American writer could well be suffering from “the illusion of validity”, or the tendency to follow behaviours based on nothing but custom or hearsay rather than research and fact.


Mr Micawber says

This quote about sticking to a budget from the Charles Dickens book David Copperfield is more than 150-years-old. The language might sound dated to modern ears but the message about living within our means still applies today.


Science of success

Is there a formula to success in saving and investing? Oscar Wilde suggests that favourable conditions can produce desired results.


Wishful thinking

What are your financial goals? No matter whether they are buying a house, going on holiday, getting out of debt, retiring early (or something else) planning can be key. Little Prince author Antoine de Saint-Exupery agrees.

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