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Which country is our mobile banking “hotspot”?

Mobile banking appears to be maturing in Europe, with longer term users more likely to say their money management is improved.

The ING International Survey on Mobile Banking 2014 explores how people in Europe are using mobile banking, for the second consecutive year.

Better and better
The survey of more than 12,000 people in 13 countries found people who have been using mobile banking for longer are more likely than newer users to say the technology improved the way they manage money. It seems the positive changes from mobile banking get better and better the longer it is used.

Around the continent
In different countries, the technology is being used in different ways. The Netherlands is the survey's most developed market, while Turkey is the survey “hotspot” – with a high proportion of internet users also using mobile banking, showing signs of rapid growth as internet penetration rises.



Most developed

The Netherlands is the most developed mobile banking market for the second consecutive year. But only about half of the Dutch users credit mobile banking with a positive improvement in the way they manage their money.


On track

Austria is the third “most developed” mobile banking market and, happily, it appears to be making a positive difference. Austrians are most likely to say they have used mobile banking to keep track of their money.


Safety first

Most of the Germans who do not use mobile banking are put off by security fears. Germany is home to the survey high in this regard, with 57% citing it as the reason they don’t use mobile banking.


Take control

When it comes to feeling more in control of money since using mobile banking, Italians are top of the league.


Saving more efficiently

Poles have the highest share who agree that since using mobile banking, they are saving more and their money management has improved.


Ahead of the game

The Spanish are early adopters of mobile banking, with a high percentage saying they started using it in 2009 or earlier.


Leading the way

Turkey is our mobile banking “hotspot” for the second consecutive year. People in Turkey are also most likely to say they would use mobile banking most often while commuting.

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