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“Why wait when I can pay now?” Mobile banking, shopping and payments get lift-off

The world is going mobile, according to ING's international research.

Convenience and ease of use are enticing more of us to go mobile – whether banking, shopping or paying by smartphone or tablet computer. That’s a key finding from the ING International Survey – Mobile Banking 2016, which asked some 15,000 people in 15 countries about their mobile choices.

Mobile is no fad
ING’s findings make it increasingly clear that many countries are seeing benefits from mobilising their money.

Seventy-one percent of people in Europe indicate mobile banking has improved the way they manage money – with many saying mobile payments are “quicker” and “easier” than other transactions. And many more say they’ll adopt mobile banking and payments in the coming year.

Vive la différence
However, there are noticeable differences between countries. Turkey is home to the keenest purchasers of home-delivered meals, while the USA leads in mobile music. The Dutch are big in mobile banking; Austrians are the least likely to agree they are using physical cash less than 12 months ago.

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Dutch treat? The Dutch have the highest share (63%) that bank by mobile, with another nine percent to join their ranks by April 2017.


Room to grow Romania has the highest share (25%) who say they'll adopt mobile banking this year. Only 22% use it already.


Balloons away Turkey leads in improved money management, with 85% saying mobile banking has helped their finances.


Half each way Luxembourg has the lowest share (50%) of mobile bankers who indicate it helps them manage money.


Buy-in big The USA, France and the Netherlands saw big 16-percentage-point surges in mobile shopping in the year.


Wave and pay People in the Czech Republic are the most confident in the security of contactless payments, out of 15 countries surveyed.


Cash rich Austrians are also less likely (28%) to agree that they use physical cash much less than 12 months ago. That compares with 67% of Turks - the survey leaders.


Time for change In the UK, 51% say they expect to pay more by smartphone in future - just shy of the survey European average of 52%.

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