Stories | January 14, 2015

Europe’s money secrets revealed (+ infographic)

Are we open with our loved ones about how much we earn and what we buy?

The ING International Survey on Savings 2015 asked almost 13,000 people in 13 countries in Europe to find out.

The topic is important because saving (and spending) is not done in isolation – the actions of others play a part in how we manage money. Being willing to talk openly about money with loved ones is seen as positive in many cultures.

That old thing? I’ve had it for years
The results show 31% in Europe agree it’s normal for couples to keep a few secrets about money from each other.
Of those with a long term partner or spouse, 19% agree they have brought something and hidden the expense in the last 12 months.
Moreover, 17% disagree with the statement: “My partner knows of every bank or savings account that I have”, suggesting they have a secret account.
And 13% have not disclosed exactly how much they earn.

Older and wiser?
There are few differences between money secrets kept by men and by women in the survey.
Age, however, seems to have an influence. In general, money secrets are less common among couples aged 55 and over. Younger respondents are more likely to agree keeping a few money secrets is normal.


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