Stories | August 9, 2011

Four years on from the crisis

Four years on, what are the lessons from the global financial crisis?

Exactly when the most recent global financial crisis officially started is a topic of debate - but several commentators point to 09 August 2007, meaning today would mark the fourth anniversary.

Coverage of the anniversary includes that from the BBC, the Financial News and elsewhere. So four years on, what have we learned from the "credit crunch"?

Be wary of borrowing
Cliffe's first video lesson from the financial crisis urges investors to "be wary of borrowing".
He outlines the way leverage works and says: "The problem is that leverage cuts both ways. Just as borrowing can multiply your gains, so it multiplies your losses."

Is your home your pension plan?
Lesson two warns against thinking of a home as a pension plan and Cliffe issues a reminder that real estate investments can go down in value.

Keep investments simple
The seventh lesson highlights the danger of investors putting money in products they do not understand. Cliffe tells how it emerged during the financial crisis that investors got into trouble by buying highly-complex, highly-structured financial products.
He urges: "Don't invest in something you don't understand - and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions of your financial adviser."

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