Stories | January 14, 2014

How much are you worth?

The answer will depend on what you count - and how other aspects of “worth” that are not purely financial are factored in.

But a TV show in the Netherlands – sponsored by ING – is examining the question and investigating the real life money tips, tricks and traps Dutch people are coming across in their lives.

The sponsorship is part of a wider “Financial Fit” campaign offering online seminars, personal advice and more to encourage customers to cut procrastination and take control of their financial situations.

Calculating worth
ING in the Netherlands has an online calculator to help the Dutch calculate their worth and see how it compares to the worth of others in the country.
The calculator asks about property, debt levels, assets in the bank and elsewhere. No matter the results, it says taking the step to asses financial positions is a positive.
The website gives the message: “This is obviously a snapshot, you can influence the value itself. Now and in the future.”

Tips and tricks
For more on weighing up finances, see our slideshow How to … make a basic budget and 10 tips for planning an early retirement. Six ways “doing nothing” can harm finances explains the importance of cutting procrastination.
The ING How much are you worth (Hoeveel ben je waard?) portal is here and the TV show website is here. Both are in Dutch.

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