Stories | January 2, 2013

Is 2013 “the year of saving ”?

Traditionally, New Year resolutions involve losing weight, giving up smoking or finding more quality “me” time. Not this year.

ING polled 14,000 people in 14 countries in Europe about what type of New Year resolutions they’re making for 2013. The results show that money matters are top of mind.

No matter your goal, ING senior economist Ian Bright recommends making it specific – and using an incentive to help you reach it.

The 40%
The poll shows 40% will make a New Year resolution about money, while only 16% will make one about something else.

This year I will…
Overall, the most popular financial New Year resolutions were to save more and to control spending better, each selected by 14%. Paying off debt was also popular.

Where in the world?
The popularity of financial New Year resolutions varied a lot from country to country. Romania was the top spot for making financial New Year resolutions for the second year in a row. The United Kingdom, however, was less keen to overhaul money matters, with only 22% of Brits making a financial New Year resolution.

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