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What is your financial psychology?

This article argues that people handle their finances in five ways but two dominate.

Are you an "ambler", a "hoarder", an "evader" - or something entirely different?

Are you an "ambler", a "hoarder", an "evader" - or something entirely different? The perhaps strange sounding descriptions are names given to define people's spending habits. This article from the UK's Daily Telegraph analyses results from a Reader's Digest survey that came up with five general ways people handle their finances - from the cash conscious "hoarders" through to the indulgent "splurgers". Of the five, two styles dominate. The most prevalent group is the "amblers", who made up more than half of the sample. Like the name suggests, amblers are laid back - they do not worry about money, don't bother planning and wander from one salary payment to the next. The next most prominent group are the "evaders", making up about a quarter of the sample. This financial psychology type avoids opening bank statements and may be in denial about the amount of debt that they have. Another 14% are "hoarders", known for keeping cash handy for emergencies. A small number are "validators" who splash out to show off or feel better. A tiny 0.4% are known as "splurgers" who cannot help impulse buying to the point of ruin. Which profile do you fit?

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