Stories | September 1, 2010

Sound money advice for shopping

Instrumental music drifting through stores can encourage impulse buying, studies say.

Can listening to popular music change the way you shop? Websites and bundle are suggesting using the power of the beat to change shopping habits. They say listening to music with a fast tempo of 130 to 160 beats per minute (perhaps Lady Gaga or the Pointer Sisters) might curb browsing and cut spending.

"A shopper who leisurely strolls the aisles is more likely to toss extra items into [the] cart," writes

Listen to the sound of silence? 
It is not only in the shopping aisle where picking the right musical pace is thought to be of help. The article details research from Taiwan that found fast tempo music improves decision making ability. It suggests listening to the Black Eyed Peas when deciding how to allocate retirement savings.

For setting a budget with a loved one, it suggests the calming sounds of The Beatles' Let it Be. And to make it easier to pick the right music for the right situation, the story says consider saving playlists tellingly named "grocery shopping" or "in the mall". Musical tastes aside, the advice could be worth listening to.

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