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What is our “dream home”?

What is your dream home? And what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

The second annual ING International Survey on Homes and Mortgages surveyed 12,000 in Europe on their attitudes to housing to find out.

By far the most popular type of home is a detached house – winning the “dream home” title ahead of boutique apartments, terraced homes and other types of property. Affordability is also key, as is close proximity to reliable public transport.

Do want: A detached house
61% prefer to live in a detached house. A detached house is much more popular than a terraced house, boutique apartment or other type of home.

Don’t want: Out of our financial reach
25% agree “you should take on the biggest mortgage you can to buy the biggest and best home”. So most take a more conservative view on borrowing, eyeing a property within their financial reach.

Do want: Easy access to good public transport
76% agree “access to good public transport is important to my decision where to live”. In capital cities, 92% agreed, showing how important trains, buses and public bikes are for where we live.

Don’t want: Sacrifice quality to live close to ma and pa
59% agree “living in a property I like is more important than living near my friends and family”. It’s a tough choice between living close to family or in a nicer home – but often the home wins.

Do want: The dream to come true
76% agree “living in the home of my dreams is really important to me”. It goes to show where we live matters and a dream home is something most of us long to acquire.

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