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What’s on our community’s recommended reading lists?

Last week, eZonomics published recommended reading lists from ING economists. This week, it's our community's turn.

The economists' list included titles that ranged from an analysis of failed forecasts through to a thriller novel set in 19th Century Europe. At the end, we asked for readers’ favourites – and received feedback from France and Belgium.

Their recommendations are:

Natasha Jevtovic
Economics Does Not Lie, Guy Sorman
French economist Sorman defends the free market in the context of the global financial crisis that started in 2007.
Jevtovic writes: “It's like a short presentation of all the newest economic theories and an apology of libertarianism and globalisation.”

Falke Van Onacker
The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver

Statistician and blogger Sliver is well-known for forecasting the performance and career development of baseball players in the United States – and then went on to correctly predict the winner in 49 out of 50 states in the 2008 US election.
Silver’s 2012 book on forecasting is reviewed by the Enlightened Economist Diane Coyle here.

The recommended reading list from five ING economists, including ING Group chief economist Mark Cliffe, is here. If you have a book to recommend, tell us here or if you have a question to ask our economist Ian Bright, post it here.

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