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Who’s responsible for financial decisions? (+ infographic)

The overwhelming majority of more than 12,000 people in a new ING survey say the primary responsibility for financial decisions lies with them – not their bank.

I’m responsible
And these “self-directed” people – which made up 73% of those surveyed – showed characteristics that set them apart. They are more in control of their money and less likely to regularly buy items on impulse. In addition, they are half as likely to argue with family and friends about money.

My bank is…
At the other end of the spectrum are the five percent of respondents who say the primary responsibility for financial decisions lies with their bank. This group is also more likely to be influenced by decisions their family and friends make about money – but also more of them keep a household budget and have followed a course on budgeting.

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Our infographic based on the ING International Survey on Financial Decision Making 2014 has more detail.


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