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Would a fall in house prices be good for society?

Generation Rent is the name given to the growing group who, unlike previous generations, cannot afford to buy a home. The ING International Survey on Homes and Mortgages 2015 asked almost 15,000 in 15 countries about how they finance their home and why they live where they do.

The below infographic captures insights including: 79% in Europe agree first time buyers are facing increasingly difficult conditions. The view is held by most age groups – 25-year-olds are as likely as over-50s to agree. 72% in Europe agree it would be good for society if house prices fell. Agreement is even high among owners, with 69% agreeing.

Fifty-two percent of people aged 25-to-34 think of owning a house purely as an investment. Despite – or perhaps because of – the financial challenges facing first time buyers, this age group is the most likely to hold the view. 44% in Europe agree buying a home is no longer an attractive way to build up wealth – but 45% disagree. Opinion appears split on whether “climbing the property ladder” is still possible for Generation Rent.

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September 7, 2015

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