Videos | January 18, 2013

Choosing the right current account

When it comes to choosing a bank account, think twice before saying yes to the first one that comes your way.

As this video for ING’s Be Good at Money says student accounts in particular can tempt prospective customers with nifty gadgets or film subscriptions you get when you sign up. But it can pay to read the small print and ask the questions to try to get the right fit and reap all the benefits of your new account.
As this video says: “Don’t be afraid to shop around. Like a coat it’s something you’ll use almost every day”.

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Before opening a new account, the video suggests questioning if:

  • there are interest and overdraft fees if you exceed the limit
  • interest is paid on your balance
  • whether there are any “other” fees, for example paying for using other banks ATMs
  • you can bank with a smartphone or online
  • help is available after hours
  • you will have to travel a long way to your nearest branch – and whether this matters to you

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