Videos | August 13, 2013

Do you use Twitter to compare banks?

One-in-four of us agree we would use social media when deciding whether to open a new bank account.

That’s one of the findings from the 2013 ING International Survey about social media and banking of almost 12,000 people in Europe.

New tools to manage money better
When we think about social media, we often think about sharing photos, connecting with new people and getting news and views.
But as ING senior economist Ian Bright explains, the survey shows people are also using it to manage their money better.

Flow goes both ways
“About one-in-three use social media to get general information about banking or to get their voice heard on a particular issue,” says Bright.
“They want the conversation to flow both ways. Most want tips for saving from their bank via social media and to hear about how the economy effects them.”


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