Videos | December 5, 2012

How a budget makes life better

When you’re new to the workforce, take time to make a budget. It can make life better.

If you’re a student or if you’ve been working for years – taking an hour or so to examine how much money you have coming in and how you’re spending it can spare a lot of grief in years to come.

As this video for ING’s Be Good at Money campaign says: “Budgeting’s not very sexy. But it’s a lot sexier than begging drinks off your friends.”

Our guide explains in simple steps how to make a basic budget.

Budgeting basics
Get your finances in order by:

  • Not sticking your head in the sand
  • Categorising expenses
  • Cutting costs
  • Prioritising debts
  • Setting money aside
  • Regularly reviewing your budget

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