Videos | June 22, 2012

How do we deal with winning and losing?

ING is caught up in the Euro 2012 “football fever”, with senior economist Ian Bright explaining the sport is more than just a game.

Football exposes fascinating economic lessons.
“Football can be a metaphor for the way people manage money,” Bright says in a new video. “Lessons from football are being used to show, for example, how people deal with winning and losing and the way we save and invest.”
Bright highlights the “all-or-nothing” tactics seen in football when a team is behind.
“When investing, there may be a tendency to invest more heavily after a loss.”
ING produced several Euro 2012 reports, including Fanning the football flames (results of a 16,000 respondent survey in Euro 2012 finalist countries) and Football lessons for personal finance.


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