Videos | January 10, 2013

Things you can do without

It may sound too simple but if you’re looking to cut spending, look at what you buy that you could make more inexpensively yourself.

Food and drink
Take, for example, bringing your lunch instead of buying – it might save you enough money pay for the next time you want to dine out in style in a restaurant with friends. Do you buy bottled water? Or do you choose bring your own refillable bottle to help the environment and your bottom line?

Six tips
This Be Good at Money video gives some useful tips on how to change small habits in life to make savings. In addition to food and drink, the tips tackle transport, working out and shopping.
Among the top tips are:

  • Try jumping on your bike to work rather than queuing for the bus
  • Carry a re-usable bottle of tap water rather than the expensive bottled stuff
  • Bring your lunch – this lets you choose the menu and saves you enough money each week for a meal in a restaurant
  • Stock up on rice, pasta, tinned foods and other non-perishable staples in big quantities whenever they’re on sale
  • Exchange that underused gym membership for a pair of running shoes and your local park
  • With a stack of frozen meals in the microwave, you don’t have to rely on takeaways

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