Videos | April 12, 2010

Lesson 8 from the financial crisis: “Politicians will have their say.”

Smart investors should ensure they keep up-to-date on political issues, says ING chief economist.

In the eighth instalment of a 10-video series for eZonomics on lessons from the financial crisis, Mark Cliffe warns “politicians will have their say”. The series of show his personal view.

Are new regulations on the horizon?
“Get to know the hot political issues,” said Cliffe. “Find out if new regulations relevant to your investments are on the horizon.”

He said hikes in the state pension age were on the horizon in several countries – which could have an impact on retirement investments. Incentives, such as tax breaks, could be on the way for certain sectors. 

“Incentives for environmentally friendly investments might boost the value of sustainable businesses,” said Cliffe. “Think about it. Perhaps you want to get in early?”


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